Meat-flakes venison (Fleisch-Flocke Hirsch) Baked venison

Meat-flakes venison (Fleisch-Flocke Hirsch) 10kg (1 Piece)
Meat-flakes venison (Fleisch-Flocke Hirsch) 10kg (1 Piece)
Meat-flakes venison (Fleisch-Flocke Hirsch) 10kg (1 Piece)
Meat-flakes venison (Fleisch-Flocke Hirsch) 10kg (1 Piece)
Meat-flakes venison (Fleisch-Flocke Hirsch) 10kg (1 Piece)
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A mixture of very much meat with vegetables, fruits and herbs as a supplement to the Anifit meals. Gently bakes in a stone-oven.

  • Free of grain
  • Free of conserving agents
  • Free of flavour enhancer
  • No sprayed up fat
  • No sugar and sugar replacements
  • No artificial colourings and attractants

Feeding recommendation for use as a supplement to wet pet food:

5 to 10 % of the wet food`s weight.

Feeding recommendation for use as an all-in one food:

Base is the normal body weight of the adult animal

2 - 5 kg: 55 g - 90 g
6 - 10 kg: 125 g - 180 g
11 - 23 kg: 210 g - 300 g
24 - 40 kg: 345 g - 500 g


Always provide a sufficient portion of potable.
The food has to be stored dry and in the provided.


60 % Outdoor venison, 21 % sweet potato, apple, celery, beetroot, raspberry, algae, hempseed oil, fresh rice seeding, linseed, minerals

The venison originates from Germany (game), the processed meat is to 100 % muscle meat.

Analytical components

32 % crude protein, 12 % crude oil and fats, 4 % crude fibre, 5 % crude ash, 4 % moisture, 43 % NfE (~ carbohy-drates), 1 % calcium, 0,8 % phosphor

Additives (nutritional additives) per kg:

Vitamin A 12.000 IU, Vitamin D3 1.200 IU, Vitamin E 70 mg, Vitamin B1 10 mg, Vitamin B2 10 mg, Vitamin B6 6 mg, Vitamin B12 30 mcg, Niacin 40 mg, Vitamin C 140 mg, panthotenic acid as calcium-D-Pantothenat 8 mg, biotin 250 mcg, folic acid 2 mg iron as iron(II)-sulfate 175 mg, copper as copper-(II)-sulfate 10mg/kg, manganese as Manganese-(II)-oxid, 20mg/kg, zinc 125mg/kg, iodine as calciumiodine, water free 2mg/kg, selenium 0,3mg/kg.

Product data

Can be used as all-in-one dog food for adult dogs or as food supplement for dogs.
Bag with 1 kg
Bag with 5 kg
Bag with 10 kg

What our clients say

Enya liebt Anifit und die Snacks Hirschflocken perfekt für empfindliche Mägen Lieblingsleckerli Hirschflocke! Wir sind super zufrieden mit diesem Trockenfutter Hirsch-Flocken im Urlaub auch als Alleinfutter Luna veträgt die Fleisch-Flocke sehr gut
Keine Probleme mit Verdauung Fleisch-Flocken Hirsch sind eine optimale Ergänzung Gewichtsprobleme gehören der Vergangenheit an Fischtag! Geringere Kotabsatzmenge Sie riechen gut und fetten nicht - perfekt!